Franchise Sales

FranForward has proven strategies and proven results in attracting interest, cultivating leads into candidates, and awarding franchises.

We utilize a proven Franchise Sales process with the following steps:

1. Recruiting candidates:
  We will help to determine which lead sources to tap. We have experience with dozens of traditional web portals, have relationships with hundreds of franchise development brokers, and have enjoyed success with top franchise development consultant networks.
2. Educating candidates on the mechanics of your business model:
  We will develop and/or enhance collateral material to clearly demonstrate the process of initiating revenue through marketing, perpetuating revenue as a factor of operational execution, and driving profitability through managing efficiencies.
3. Communicating your systems, infrastructure and support developed and/or enhanced with FranForward’s operational experience, tools and resources:
  We will emphasize your model's power and strength through which your franchisees can achieve unit level success.
4. Preparing them with an understanding of the financial drivers:
  We will design unit economic and financial analysis tools that will enable candidates to competently and confidently quantify the ROI potential.
5. Guiding a candidate through an effective validation process with your franchisees:
  We will provide a format for candidates, knowing your franchisees’ time is valuable and best spent on their business.
6. Facilitating an exciting, interesting, and professional discovery day:
  We will participate in designing and implementing an itinerary for candidates to meet the executive team and have their high expectations exceeded.
7. Executing franchise agreements:
  We will guide the candidate through the final sales stage, thereby becoming a franchisee!
8. Launching operationally!!

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